Writing the Essay, Step by Step

Understanding the Passage

Chesterfield 2004 Q2

Reviewing the Passage

Lippmann 2009 Q2

Reviewing the Passage

Green 2003 Q2

Reviewing the Passage

Explaining Devices and Strategies

How devices work within larger strategies

How devices work with each other to create strategies

Understanding the differences between devices and strategies

Evaluating the most common strategies used in Rhetorical essays

"How to Analyze the Text" Series

Analyzing Diction

Analyzing Syntax

Analyzing Tone

Analyzing Figurative Language

Reviewing Student Essay Sample: Intro, Body, Conclusion

Student Samples

Chesterfield 2004 Q2

This video reviews a student essay response to the 2004 FRQ Rhetorical Passage from Lord Chesterfield.

Sample Analysis

This video presents an excerpt of Kennedy’s speech and a sample analysis of that excerpt.

Understanding AP Scoring for English Language and Composition

Reviewing Evidence and Commentary

"The Perfect Essay" Series

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